Remove/Override Library formatting

Hello, i am new to EndNote so this is probably a trivial question. I have a library containing some 1800 entries and several hundered of them have text fields with formatting applied to them. So for instance the author name may be underlined or journal name in italics. Now the annoying thing about this is that these styles bypass the formatting according to the output style and find their way into Word bibliographies so that i end up with single words in the document with typefaces, font sizes and styles which are different from the rest of it. What i’d like to have is either some “unformat” function with which i would format all my library as “plain text”, “plain font” and “B”, “I” and “U” unchecked or override the existing library style while using CWYW. Othwerwise i would have to go through each of the 1800 entries and look at each field and select an appropriate font by hand which would probably last a week.

Hello Dima,

There is no built in function to do this, but we in Technical Support do have addition tools available that can do this.  If you contact Technical Support directly we can remove the font formatting from your library.  You would want to contact us at: