Removing duplicate biblio entries

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I’m using a wierd reference style created by the torture masters at my university. While they call it ‘traditional’ there is nothing traditional about it.

SO, I have the style mostly sorted, but multiple newspaper articles from the New York Times each create their own entry n the bibliography. All I need to have in the Biblio is the name of the newspaper, and despite the multiple references, it only needs to appear once. Endnote creates an entry for each reference, and I need this in the footnotes. Is there any way to prevent duplicate entries in the biblio from displaying, without affecting footnotes,

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A possible workaround is to: 1) keep the ”Newspaper Article” footnote template formatted to generate the full reference with the “Using footnote format” setting; and 2) edit the “Newspaper Article” bibliography template to show just the newspaper name. However,  listing only the newspaper name seems a bit odd so could you clarify by providing a bibliography example showing how multiple entries from the same newspaper should appear? And if you’re able, to attach your output style file.

All the info is in the footnote, so the Biblio entry only needs to be The New York Times.

Michael’s style.ens (80.7 KB)

And the problem is multiple biblio entries, I might have 5 footnotes for The New York Times, but i only need it to appear once in the Bibiolgraphy.

As here, there only needs to be one entry for The New York Times in the bibliography.

Biblio test.xml (57.6 KB)

this is tricky.  

Remembering that Endnote uses specific fields to identify “duplicates” for removal in the bibliography you might avoid those fields and use other fields for the info needed in the footnote. this would necessitate editing the Newspaper ref type in preferences) and make sure you fill the “Cited Pages” field instead of any pages in the record.  

I attach the help about merging duplicates in the bibliography, but I think I remember other users complaining that some of these fields were not used and that they got inappropriate fusions, so you could do some trial and errors.  

Otherwise, you need to wait until you are ready to submit, save a copy and convert the copy to plain text, and then correct the bilbiography to remove the duplicates

But where and in what order does the newspaper appear in the ref list?  – under New York Times?   Maybe make that the author, and then use other fields for the rest of the information?  


Thanks for the output style file. Here’s a workaround which generates single entries of multiple newspaper articles emanating from the same source while maintaining the footnotes and bibliography sorting (refer to image #3).

The workaround (detailed below) encompasses 1) creating a custom field in the reference templates to serve as an alternative to the current Author field; 2) copying the current Author field data into the alternative author field, however, for multiple newspaper articles from the same source the newspaper name is listed once; 3) the bibliography sort order and bibliography template are changed to accommodate the new custom field.



  1. Create an alternative author field (e.g. “AltAutthor”) in the applicable reference templates (by using the “custom field”). (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences then in the Endnote Preferences dialog box click to select “Reference Types”. Click “Modify Reference Types” then select the Newspaper Article reference type. Rename the Custom8 field .”AltAuthor”. [Refer to image #1.] This field can be added across all the reference types by clicking the “Apply to all Reference Types” button – if you’re not sure whether the Custom 8 field is being used within other reference templates you may want to manually add the custom field to specified templates.

  2. Copy the current Author field data into the AltAuthor field. (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Tools >Change/Move/Copy Fields. In the pop-up dialog box click the Move/Copy Fields tab and set up the options for copying the Author data into the alt author field – refer to image #1), once the data has been copied locate the Newspaper Article records  where there are multiple entries from the same newspaper. Enter the newspaper name in the AltAuthor field for only one record and erase the AltAuthor field contents of the remaining multiple entries (from the same newspaper) – refer to image #1.

  3. Change the output style’s bibliography sort order so that it sorts on Custom 8+ Year + Title field (refer to image #2). Also change the output style’s Newspaper Article bibliography template so only the alt author field is listed. After completing the changes exit the dialog box which will save the output style to a new file name. Adjust MS Word to use the new output style file.

Refer to image #3 for sample result.

File attachments are limited to 3 per posting so returning a modified version of your output style here.
Michael’s style_modified.ens (79.8 KB)