Repetead Citation not displayed


I have the problem, that the second citation in the same source or reference footenote  is not displayed.


 Endnote X.1




 ‘no specific handeling’ for  same source and reference footenote


Can somebody help me?

I think the reason no one has replied yet, is because we aren’t exactly sure what you are seeing and need.  If you would provide examples of the output you are expecting, what kind of record type (book, journal article etc) and how you are entering the footnotes.  – Finally attach your current style you are using, especially if it has been modified in any way, and someone might be able to help.  (but not me, since I rarely use footnotes or a footnote style!). 

The footenote hase to look like that:

vgl. Becker-Carus (2004), S. 406; vgl. Goldstein (2008), S. 191; vgl. Schacter (2001), S. 272 ; vgl. Schacter (2001), S. 454

the orange citation is not displayed :frowning:

Have you modified the APA5th output style in any way? If so, please attach it to your message.

Are you inserting the references individually in the footnote, and then typing the additional text (vgl.) and the page numbers directly into the footnote yourself?

It looks as if EndNote is regarding these two references as the same, and therefore not duplicating them.

Would it be sufficient if you just cite the reference as Schachter (2001), S. 272 und 454 ?