Retaining title capitalisation using EndNote Online and Word

Hi, I’m writing a paper with some technical acronyms in the referenced titles. In the footnotes and bibliography, Endnote changes words like this:

GSMA → Gsma

…and put in context:

IoT: Green Data Center Strategies → Iot: Green Data Center Strategies

I see there are workarounds in the full version of EndNote, but on my machine, EndNote Desktop doesn’t work correctly with Word, so I use EndNote Online instead. EndNote Online generally works fine, but it has this annoying habit of changing words in the titles. I understand EndNote Online is a crippled version, but why not then please leave titles as they are per deafult, when there’s (perhaps) no way of changing this automatic behaviour?

Ssytem: Windows 10, 64 bit HP laptop


Unfortunately, Endnote Desktop has many more features than the online version.  That is why you have to pay for it I guess.