Retreiving References stalls and created lots of empty references when killed

Running Endnote 8 (with updates as of 9/20/2017) on a Mac OS X sierra 10.12.6, I tried to do a manual sync to the web.  There is only 1 reference different based on the reference counts.  This one reference came from another Mac laptop whicn also synced to the web.  The status bar reaches “Retreiving References”.  It appears to fill to 100% and then appears to stall. 

Depending how long one waits in the stalled state before killing the Endnote process, one gets 1000’s to 50,000 newly created empty references.  They are all of type Journal Article and have no author, no title, nor any other attributes.  The longer one waits, the more empty references are created.  This looks like a bug.

After killing Endnote, the Mac produces a stack trace of all running processes. 

The Endnote process stack trace is attached.  Since this appears to be an endless loop, the stack trace should be relevant in finding the issue.


Endnote_Endless_Loop_Report.txt (40.5 KB)