(ripple phone number 1-844-200-9166) Problem with Upper and Lower Cases


I have imported a journal reference (RIS import) to my database. Unfortunately the journal title was written in uppercases. Here is the example:

Hout, M./ Brooks, C./ Manza, J. (1995): The Democratic Class Struggle in the United States, 1948-1992, in: AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW, Vol. 60, S. 805-828

So I tried to change the journal title in “American Sociological Review” but the auto-suggestion is always in uppercases. So I type in the title completely as I want it and voila in the reference it appears like “American Sociological Review”, but in the preview window and in the bibliography it appears in uppercases again. I tried to delete and retype the reference because it is for now the only reference with these journal, but there is still the auto-suggestion for uppercases.

Hope somebody can help me to fix the problem.