RM 11.1 now considered a security threat because of PERL version

The version of PERL (  that is shipped with RM 11 is listed as dangerously insecure by several security rating entities. I have received an alert that this is about to be listed by my university as a threat to the network and will not be allowed on any client computer. 

It is in the \WebPublisher\thirdparty\Perl\ subdirectory. I do not use Web Publisher so I thought that I would uninstall that version but upon restarting RM, the program goes through a “configuring” process and reinstalls the same version of PERL. 

I have a newer secure version of PERL installed and it is referenced in the proper place in the path statement. Nonetheless, RM seems to be designed to not look in the path for PERL but to demand its own version in a subdirectory of RM.

Is there a way around this problem. If I need to remove RM to meet security requirements this problem will become a crisis.


Message Edited by dwl-sdca on 08-30-2008 01:35 PM