RM 12: Add attachment feature

We use RM 12 as a library catalogue and through a members only page on our website, our members have access to the databases that I publish using Web Publisher. In the past we stored all files on a separate server and linked to them, very cumbersome! The new attach a file feature is much better for us, but I have some questions.

  1. By attaching a file, is the file embedded in the record so that when I publish the database, anyone can download the attachment? (I want this to happen.) The file doesn’t sit on my pc does it? We upload the databases onto a separate server, which has RM installed.

  2. If (1) is true, is there a restriction on how many files you can attach in the database (eg not per record) and will the database grow in size? We upload around 20-30 PDFs a month, and I’m worried it will slow the database down or crash it.

Thanks for your response.

The files aren’t actually embedded into the record, they’re copied and saved to the location that you choose. When you publish a database they’ll be available to people who have access to that location. You could choose your PC as the file repository, but chances are others won’t be able to get there. It’s basically automating the process of storing files on a separate server.

Hi Benjamin

I save the files onto a location where external people can access them and then linked to them (via a URL). So that location is open for everyone. However, I can’t open the attachment. Please see screenshot.  We have saved all our documents in this location with RM11 and it worked fine.

That’s really strange, for me the attachment file names show up as links that I’m able click through and open.