Scan references from EndNote formatted Word document to new EN library?


I was sent a Word document with EN9 formatted in-text references and bibliography (yes I know; advisor refuses to update). The field codes are all still in the document but the EN9 library used to format the document no longer exists. Can the document be “reverse scanned” and the references imported into a new library?


Since the document has the Endnotes field codes it retains a “traveling library” which can be exported to an Endnote library. Refer to the knowledgebase article “EndNote: How to bring in missing references to a library from a formatted document”  or go to the Endnote toolbar and search Help for “exporting to Endnote”.

If the exporting does not work there may be an issue regarding backwards compatibility to EN9. If this happens, suggest you contact tech support:

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Is the document formated or unformated?  You (or the tech support people at TR)  might still be able to recover the temporary citations from an Endnote 9 library.  The time when  backward compatiblity was lost, was between Endnote7 and Endnote 8.  (Snap CG).