Science Direct filter not transfering special characters

Even though the abstract shows special characters they aren’t transfering on direct export.  Does anyone know if there is an updated filter that gets those special characters (like alpha)?  The person who brought the question brought to me said he didn’t have this problem in X4.  He recently installed X5.  Do you think I should send him the old X4 Science Direct filter (if it is really an old filter).  I’ll appreciate any help you can give me. 

Can you give some examples?

When I export from Science Direct  (for example this reference)

Alpha, T., Raharivelomanana, P., Bianchini, J.-P., Faure, R., Cambon, A., and Joncheray, L. (1996). α-Santaldiol and β-santaldiol, two santalane sesquiterpenes from Santalum insulare. Phytochemistry 41, 829-831

the alpha’s and betas come across fine from Science direct (export citation> RIS, citation with abstract settings) in the title and abstract.  A couple other author specific diacritics come across too in my test.  When I look at them in Endnote, they are “Plain text” which is a bit confusing.  Perhaps it has something to do with how records from different sources are coded in the records, and then transferred to the  export file?