I just discovered that a particular publisher (Dovepress) has many open access (full free PDFs) of articles I can use for medical care of my patients.  I can use the “TITLE” field for a particular subject but how can I search by Dovepress?

Since it appears that the journals listed on the website are published by Dovepress won’t that negate the need to search by publisher given that Dovepress is the publisher?

If you’re searching using  the Dovepress SEARCH button it seems you can type-in search/key terms and author names to perform searches.

It doesn’t appear at present that Endnote has a Dovepress connection file to facilitate searches but you can request one per the instructions below from the knowledgebase article

Connection Files:

Click here to go to the connection request form. Everyone can use this form to submit their request for the creation of a new connection file (or the modification of an existing one).When you submit this form, your request is logged in our request database. Periodically we create new connection files and post them here. You can also check our EndNote Styles, Filters and Connections Forum page to request content from the EndNote community. Our Content Group also monitors this Forum Page.

Note to webmasters at TR, the KB article link to “here” goes to an old inactive page and thus a page fault.  

I believe that the correct new link to submit a request is  

(PS I think the filter request link is dead too, but styles and manuscripts works).