Searching for multiple citations

We use a web-based application called Distiller that is a  systematic review software. All of our work, including full documents, audit information and extracted meta data are stored on this data centre. We use Endnote to upload our searches and dedup and manage the database but we use Distiller to screen the articles and data extraction.

Once the citations have been screened in distiller, I can export a ref number, comma, space from Distiller of all the included studies. If I could do a mutile search of ref numbers in Endnote, I would be able to copy and paste that information of all the citations I want to retrieve articles for into ENDNote and not have to select them individually. We use to do this in Refman to create an included and excluded studies list. We would have a word doc of 200-400 citations and copy 25 citations at a time into the refman search, sorting by ref ID and create a database of included studies and to do term manager on just that included studies list. We could also create our excluded studies bibliography this way. 

It would be helpful if we were able to do a search (not just select) multiple citations at a time.