Series v. Journal abbreviation capitalization

Endnote seems to have a problem with series abbreviations. I have chosen Abbreviation 1 under the Journal Names option in my APA 6th style, and I do not have the boxes next to Abbreviate journal articles only checked. The journal names are all nicely abbreviated according to my style, but the series titles all come out as sentence caps: e.g., Sblab instead of SBLAB as I would need. Does anyone know why this happens and how to get both Journals and Series abbreviated and all caps too.

E.g., below: 

Bautch, R. J. (2003), Developments in Genre between Post-Exilic Penitential Prayers and the Psalms of Communal Lament, Sblab 7, Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature.

Biberger, B. (2011), ‘Umkehr Als Leitthema Im Zwölfprophetenbuch’, ZAW 123(4): 565-579.
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