Setting Properties for secondary date (field 28)

I am using Reference Manager 12. I have copied the Uniform.os file to create a local output style based on Uniform.

My RefMan database includes records with the REfType of Conference Proceeding. The records do not include data in the main subfield of field 28 (Date of Conf), but there is a statement of the dates of the conference in the Other subfield. For example: Sept 28-Oct 1, 1997.

The data in the Other subfield of field 28 is not displaying, in spite of my changes to the settings for field 28 in the Properties menu.

In the Bibliography tab of the output edit page for this style, I have included field 28. From the Properties menu, I have selected to: Include “Other” Only if date proper is missing. (The manual states “To include information contained in the Other subfield, which is part of the Date field in your references, select Yes from the “Include Other” drop-down list." Since my data does not include a date proper, I thought neither of the Yes options applied.)

The output does not consist of the date as found in the Other subfield. Instead, it becomes (using my example above) Sep 28, 1997-Oct 1, 1997. Where is this coming from? And how do I change it? What should I do differently? I know a workaround is to just put this date statement in another field, but I’d like to know why this Other date isn’t displaying.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for help!