Setting up a new MacBook

I am setting up a new macbook . I sync my current endnote file to endnote online. I am slightly confused about importing the files to the new version. 

I have read the folder name needs to be different to the one on what will now be my ‘spare’ mac until I sell it. I have also read it should not be in a folder that is backed up to my Icloud, again is this correct.

Thanks in advance 

I should add it is endnote 9.3 and the latest Mac OS

We do recommend the name of the library be unique on each machine.

The EndNote library should not be saved in a cloud location.

Once you have EndNote installed you would create a new library via File then New.

After the blank library is open you can go to Tools then Sync.

You may be prompted to enter your EndNote online log in details.

You will need to click Yes to the warning message and give the sync time to complete.

The end result is that you should have all your references on the machine once the sync is complete.

You can find more information about the Sync feature on our website: