Show only one surename from author


I have my library, when i copy a reference, show this format for the author (for example to ‘John Doe Smith’):

{Doe Smith, 2007 #3}

but i want output only:

{Doe, 2007 #3}

Any suggestion?

Why  do you care?  

It’s what they ask of me as an APA format for references

Sorry I still am not understanding.  

Wouldn’t it be Smith, 2007 not Doe, 2007 though?  – 

If my surname is Doe-Smith  I would be cited as (Doe-Smith, 2007) and would be entered into your record as Doe-Smith, FirstName vs Doe Smith, I would be cited as (Smith, 2007) if Doe is the middle name and entered as into record as Smith, firstName Doe.  

One would never cite this name as (Doe, 2007), although some might prefer Doe Smith, 2007 if they had previously published under their maiden name and wanted to continue to have their future papers cited with their maiden name papers, in which case we would have to enter the record in endnote as Doe Smith, firstname.  

You are showing the endnote temporary citation and not the final APA citation?  

In my example:

Name: John

First name: Doe (surname father’s John)

Middle name: Smith (surname mother’s John)

Spanish mode…

Sorry, if you don’t want the mothers name included, you will have to remove it from the record itself (Spanish mode).  My Spanish colleague insists that it be included in any citations etc though and so I would ignore the APA “rule”.  


Show this to your colleague:

or this

Manually mode so.


His mother disagrees :slight_smile: