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None of the styles I have tired include URLs and/or DOIs in the output. Also, a number of styles such as “APA 6th” and “IEEE Proceedings” specify how to handle URLs however the style files in EndNote do not seem to account for these specifications. Is EndNote purposely leaving URLs and DOIs out of the citation strings? Is there a way to have them included as per the style specifications?

Test System: Thomson Reuters EndNote X5.0.1.

A number of styles included with EndNote include specifications to use the URL and/or DOI field depending on the reference type. That information would have to be present in the record to display in the output. An example of this would be the APA 6th style you mentioned. If the reference type is something like Electronic Article, the template indicates to include the URL and DOI. To see the style settings:

  1. Click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager.

  2. Select the appropriate Output Style and click Edit.

  3. Click on Templates under Bibliography to see which reference types are set to include which fields.

  4. With EndNote X5, also see the Field Substitutions option under Templates.

The values that currently populate the fields on the Field Substitutions panels are default values. You can choose to activate field substitutions by selecting the check box. For example, if you select the “If the DOI field is empty, use” check box, EndNote uses the URL if the DOI field is empty in the bibliography and footnotes of a reference; otherwise, EndNote displays the DOI information.

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Thanks for the information on the style depdency for display of URL and/or DOI. Do any of the styles consistently make use of these fields for all reference types? My preference is that if these fields are populated then the value should be shown for any reference type.

A cautionary note that URLs and DOIs may not be needed for a respective reference type so best to refer to the style manual to confirm whether to include or exclude the information.

In the EndNote manual there’s usually a “Reference Type” layout of all the reference types and their corresponding fields which serves as a quick and handy reference but curiously this information  seems to be omitted from the X5 pdf manual.  You can instead download a copy of the EndNote X4 pdf manual* which contains the list of reference types from the “Guides and Information” section (“Help Documentation”) of the Thomson Reuter’s EndNote website:

Also, if you check the APA 6th’s output style and look at the “Journal Article” bibliography template you’ll see how DOI is used.  The DOi field is “linked” with the word ‘Doi’ (the single appostrophe informs EndNote to display the word). The use of the “Link Adjacent Text” creates a relationship between the two such that the word (Doi) will not be displayed unless there is information in the DOI field within the reference type itself.  (Even if the word Doi was omitted from the template, the DOI field information will not be displayed if the field itself in the reference type is blank/empty.)


*Information concerning the music and data templates (which is new to X5) will not be available in the X4 manual.

Thanks for the information. It looks like I will have to customize my favorite styles to use the DOI and URL fields according to my preference to include them when the fields are populated.

The Reference Type Layout mentioned should be in the EndNote X5 Mac and EndNote X5.0.1 Windows Help file under the Reference Types and Fields > Reference Types section. Here you can find a list of the various reference types and the corresponding fields.

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I just realized that Endnote has ceased to print the URL if the DOi field is empty. In fact, it doesn’t appear to be printing my URLs at all even though it is visible in the preview window. All my DOIs print as expected, and the URL will print if copied and pasted in the DOI field.

Here is my Journal configuration from the bibliography template: 

Author. (Year). Title|. [Type of Article]|. [Translated Title]|. [Reviewed Item]|. Journal|, Volume|(Issue)|, Pages|. doi: DOI

I also inspected Field Substitutions and noted that it was checked to use the URL when DOI field is empty. My frustration is that it was working fine and I am not even sure when it changed. I am not sure how to handle this since it all seems OK.

Is there a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.


Which OS, version of Endnote and Word are you using?  – it works for me (with the attached output style, at least for Journal Articles when I checked quickly).  – Make sure the output style you have set in Endnote is the same as the output style you have set in your document if the preview in endnote and the output in the document, don’t match?  

I work on a Windows 2010 machine, with Endnote x7.7 and Word 2016.   
APA 6th Copy.ens (65 KB)

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