Silent endnotes

In preparing the manuscript of a long 18th century novel, I need to include contextual endnotes and bibliographic information. But I don’t want to clutter the text with either numbers or symbols; it will be sufficient to note the page number at the head of each endnote. Is there a way in Endnote to create endnotes that are silent in the text — i.e.,  indexed to the text but do not show up there as superscript numbers or symbosl?

When you refer to “contextual endnotes” do you mean in-text citations? If so, you can either customize the Output Style so that it does not include an in-text citation template or you can use the option to “Insert in Bibliography Only” command if you only need to exclude some citations within the body of the text.

A. If you do not want in text citations to include any text or number, you can edit the style:

  1. Open EndNote

  2. Click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager.

  3. Browse to the Style you wish to use and click Edit.

  4. Click on Templates under Citations.

  5. Remove any fields you do not wish to include. You can use the Insert Field to add any fields you wish to include. The “Cited Pages” field will only include page numbers you specify for that citation.

  6. Click File > Save As.

  7. Pick a name and save the file.

B. If you wish to exclude the in-text citations for only some of your citations:

  1. Click on the Insert Citation command.

  2. Search for the reference you wish to insert.

  3. Highlight it.

  4. Click the arrow next to Insert Citation and select “Insert in Bibliography Only.”

Once you have inserted citations into a document, you can also edit them to add information. Please see this article: