simultaneous write access to libraries on a corporate network

At the moment it is not possible to share libraries (simultaneous write access) on a corporate network, as it is possible with Reference Manager.
Syncing and sharing is no solution because (1) the limitation of only 1 synced/shared library per user and (2) the implicit storage of the library on the Thomson Reuters cloud outside the corporate network.
For research collaboration inside a company this is a no go. We would expect EndNote to feature an unlimited library sharing on the corporate network without storing data outside that network.
Can you provide EndNote with that functionality ?

I’m in a similiar situation to you.

I believe you can establish a read-only library and put that on a network drive. Because it is read-only, it will not be locked for viewing by simultaneous users. Simultaneous editing is not possible on a network drive. I think this is because the networking protocols do not allow for proper database transactions. Also in Reference Manager only one person can edit at one time, no?

Also free and open software like Zotero requires an online database server to handle multiple users simultaneously.

We would need have a local EndNote server, but so far Thomson Reuters has declined to provide us with one. It would also increase the cost as we would need to maintain the server ourselves.

In our company, the IT risk analysis was positive to using the Thomson Reuters servers due to their security statement, see “Security Overview EndNote Online” on

However, we had precedent for using external cloud services before this was evaluated,which made it easier to approve…