singular/plural function not working for editors


I think I saw this question before but don’t seem to find it. 

the use of singular plural options is not working for editors (it appears (ed.^eds.)). These are the templates, can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong?

Edited book:

Editor (| ed.^eds). (Year) Title.| City: Publisher|.

Book Section:

Author (Year) “Title.” in, Editor (| ed.^eds) Book Title|. City: Publisher |:p.^pp. Pages|.



You have forced separation (vertical bar) between Editor and ed^eds, and that’s why it’s not working.

You need to link them together using “link adjacent text”, which looks like a tiny diamond. You need to revise your style this way.


red asterisk * indicates where you insert “link adjacent text” from drop down menu.

Thanks guys,

You really know your business. It worked.