Small Caps within Reference Fields


Though being able to use small caps in the Edit Style window, when I try to use it within a single reference [Edit > Font], it appears grayed out.

Is it technically possible to do that?



X4 on a Mac OSX 10.5.8

If you’re working from the toolbar’s EDIT, STYLE command, the font options are limited to what is shown.  To apply any of the font options to a specific reference requires having that reference “open” so all the fields are displayed (e.g., Author, Year, Title, etc.).

If you want to apply the small caps formatting to specific fields, that can be performed by editing the output style’s bibliography/citation template(s).

I don’t believe the “Small Caps” option is ever available to format text in a record, only in the edit>style templates in the most recent versions of Endnote. 

Thank you Leanne, this is also what I’ve noticed trying to apply Small Caps in records. As both you and Maven suggested, this is straightforward in the style window.