software should provide much more flexibility

Changes to endnote should not be unilateral.  You should design the software such that old aspects of the design are optional in preferences.  For example, I liked the old CWYW toolbar for endnote 5 and 6 much much much better than the toolbar for endnote 7.  The endnote 7 toolbar has one big dropdown list which means you have to click on the list and scroll down and click again which is much more tedious than clicking on a button.  I don’t care if some customers requested this.  Great, make it optional but not required.  Give me the option of using the old toolbar if I prefer it.  Similarly, it used to be the case that any changes I made to the library were automatically saved.  Now I have to engage an extra step anytime I edit a reference.  Again very tedious and this should be optional not required.  I also hate that you made the attachment toolbar in the library into a dropdown list. Why??? I should only have to click on the button to engage the attachment window.  The dropdown list includes only one option but requires 2 extra steps.  I hate it. I also used to be able to customize the toolbar on the endnote library to add anything I liked such as font formatting etc.  This has been removed, which decreases the flexibility of using the software in the way that I like.  Stop just making changes and allow people to customize the software so that any changes are options and that previous options are provided as well.