something weird exsits at the front line of reference

hi, I’m YJ Kwon from Korea

I have one question to ask:

I click some function of endnote in Word because I have to correct my reference list.

But I click some menu and type “sddd” on somewhere I cannot remember.

After then, there is “sddd” at the front of reference list…T_T

For example,




Alavi, M., & Tiwana, A. (2002). Knowledge integration in virtual teams: The potential role of KMS. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 53(12), 102


like this, there is “sddd” at the start of the reference…

anyone know the answer?

help me plz


Best Regard,

Every reference or just at the start?  probably you put something into the “reference title” field of the format bibliography dialog box – see image.  


Thank you very much.

My problem is solve immediately^^

I really appreicate your kindness:)