Sort bibliography by "rule number"

I want my bibliography standards to be alphabetically ordered by rule number, how can I do it?

Cannot find this option in style/bibliography/sort order    there is no option for “rule number”

Can you help me?

Thank you!

Which reference type has the field for “rule number”, which generic field is it using, and is that field used for any other reference types (which may reorder them in a way you didn’t want?). (You can find this by editing the “preferences” in Endnote program and selecting the modify ref types, and then select the reference type that has the rule number information.) 

You need to specify the “generic field” name in the sorting options, because it won’t only apply to the one reference type, but to all reference types. 

As Leanne mentioned. The Rule Number field used in Legal Rule is mapped to the ‘Generic’ Volume field. So you would need to change the style to sort by Other > Volume.

Issue here this will only work well when using only the Legal Rule reference type, it would not be good if you are suding other reference types in the document. If you need to list by Rule number consider using the Subject Bibliography.

In your library select the references used in the document and Tools > Subject Bibliography. Choose the Reference Type then the Legal Rule reference Type and apply your style.