Sorting by number of times cited

Is it possiple in endnote to sort a library by the number of times an article has been cited? For example highly cited articles at the top going down to uncited at the bottom.

I am currently using X2



Only if you imported the cited number into a field (and currently endnote can’t “update” that field).  If it is in a field, then you can view that field by editing the library display option in preferences (edit> preferences … display fields) to show that field and then click on that heading in your library display - once for lowest to highest, again for highest to lowest number.

I like the idea of sorting by number of times cited. When I tried this I 
found that the “Times Cited” entry was placed first in the Notes field, e.g.

Times Cited: 23

Sorting by Notes then had the effect of sorting by the number of times