Sorting by title, without "a and the" exclusion...but it doesn't work

Hi everybody,

i’ve got a problem with my endnote x3.

In the main window, in which i can see all my references, i see that the words “a, and, the” are not considered by the sorting mechanism.

Now, if i go in Edit/Preferences/Sorting and delete the words “a, and, the” in the title field, it doesn’t work at all! I set up not to ignore those fields, but in the main windows i see all my references as the “a, and, the” words are still ignored!!!


Can you help me please?

Thank you

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In the “EndNote Preferences” Sorting display screen when you removed  “a”, “and”, and “the” did you click the APPLY button before clicking  the OK button?

Yes, i click it, but it doesn’t work

And did you follow this ?

Note : When you close the Preference panel and return to your library list, you must resort your references to build a new sort that uses your revised list. You can do this by clicking on a column header, or by using the References>Sort References command.

You will (as Leanne noted and I forgot to mention so, thanks Leanne) have to manually resort your library once you change the sorting option.  Just click on the “Title” bar at the top of your library window to sort the entries.  (I found I had to sort the entries twice before the change took effect.)

I did as you suggested just after I modified that option but nothing changed. But I’ve just tried to re-do it and now it works!!!

Thank you very much

Thanks for the update and glad to hear things worked out.