special character import from Pubmed

Is there a way to change the connect setting for pubmed, to import author names correctly, like Pourquié or Tümpel (at the risk of messing up find full text). 

EndNote uses the Medline records from PubMed, which don’t contain special characters in the first place. An alternative import method (which works well for importing a small number of records) might be the OpenURL link in PubMed: we have configured our OpenURL menu to display the record in RIS, which then contains special characters and can be imported into EndNote.

I don’t think we have the OpenURL facility here at our Institute.  Is there a way to export a RIS file from Pubmed? 

Not directly, but you can convert the MEDLINE output to RIS via bibutils (http://www.scripps.edu/~cdputnam/software/bibutils/). (BibTranslator, the bibutils web interface, doesn’t work with MEDLINE data, so you have to use bibutils itself.)