spell check problems

I’m currently converting a large quantity of End Note libraries to RM12, and have been spell-checking less frequently than I should. In addition, not all of the references have full information, which isn’t a problem usually unless I try to edit without fixing the critical problem. Example: lack of a pub date, journal, or magazine title. RM12 will import them, but will flag the problem if you go back and edit the citation.

So on to my current problem. If I spell-check a set of citations containing some with these types of errors, it produces the “Magazine Name*/Journal Title*/Pub Date* is a mandatory field. Please enter valid information.” error. But when I click the OK button, it immediately reproduces the error without giving me the opportunity to fix it, ad infinitum. The only way out of this loop is to force close the program via ctrl+alt+del (in Windows).

Are there any known fixes to this problem?

Laurie Calhoun

Information Resources Specialist

International Center for Research on Women


(202) 742-1226