Split library windows for widescreen monitors

I have a 19" wide screen monitor and it would be really great if I could automatically minimize libraries to fill half the screen on the right and left.  For instance, I have a program on my computer called SplitView, which allows me in Microsoft Windows to automatically minimize applications, so they fill 50% of the screen.  If I hold down the Windows key and press the left arrow button, they fill the lefthand side of my screen and vice versa with the right arrow button.  This way I can quickly have two windows visible on my screen at the same time without having to manually resize the windows.  It would be great if Endnote could do the same for it’s libraries, so I can quickly view two libraries side-by-side at the same time without having to resize them manually.

Message Edited by hsrstud on 01-16-2009 02:05 PM

Easy to achieve via the Windows> tile vertically.  This works perfectly, but you need to minimize any other endnote windows (records, etc), so yo end up with just the two libraries as “windows” prior to tiling. 

Message Edited by Leanne on 01-16-2009 02:23 PM

Great, thanks!