Style for Health and Human Rights


I’m a pretty new endnote user. It looks like there is not a format available for Health and Human RIghts (HHR) Journal, which is through the Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights and Harvard University Press. 

Does anyone have a suggestion of a style that would be similar - endnotes with one endnote per sentence maximum that includes all referenced works in that sentence? I have tried a few Chicago formats, as well as the Harvard format, and none of the ones I’ve tried seem to be close. I’m hoping to get it as close as I can before manually editting to fit their formatting requirements.


A quick review of the guidelines (below, it always helps to include the guidance links so we don’t have to find them?) suggests that CMS (footnote) should be close to correct although it looks like, from a couple examples of papers, that the journal used “endnotes” (not to be confused with the EndNote program) rather than footnotes and no bibliography.  – you would need to insert your citations in one footnote at the end of the sentence.  Endnote would not collect inserted citations from multiple places in a sentence and combine them into a footnote.  You are required to use your Word insert footnote/endnote and insert the citations into the footnote/endnote, to achieve that particular parameter. This requirement is the most common misunderstanding of a footnote style using EndNote.  Harvard is not a footnote style, for example, and you insert the citation directly into the text.  You might want to look at this stab at a explanation: 

Since the list of reference rules is so long, it isn’t the best use of my time to try to destinguish where any differences might lay.  Are there other specifics that you noted?  Editing the output style or comparing it to some of the other Chicago styles available on the endnote download site (from Help in endnote) might be the best first step.  I can help with that, if I know what the differences are.

this is really the best page and its tips are so useful.