Suffix on a "@@author-year" citation

Dear community members, could you please guide me how I can insert a suffix on a “@@author-year” citation? An example is;

“For Smith (1988; see Subsection 7.2 or a further discussion on this study)…”


It’s likely that in your case using the Suffix field with the Author (Year) citation format may generate an error message. Suggest excluding both Author and Year then manually typing the desired sentence.

Hi CrazyGecko, many thanks for your quick reply.

I tested it and it appears the “raw” order is 

{Moodie, 1994 #3226`; see subsection 2@@author-year}

I didn’t have any error.  – note the accent grave in front of the semi-colon, is you are entering it manually.  But I set it up using the edit citation and put “; see subsection 2” in the suffix and endnote handled the rest fine.