suggestions ti improve handling of attachments in X4

  1. Suggestion to improve feature for importing PDF’s in X4 and making new record

Excellent new feature but I always use absolute path to link documents and this new import/make new record feature seems to only create a relative path (despite my default preference setting). Can this new feature be customized to connect to a certain  folder?

  1. Suggestion to improve attachment icon and attachment opening

Great that multiple attachments can be linked to single record, but it is possible to tweak program so that a different-colored paperclip icon will display for those records that have more than one attachment? Working in library view, it is impossible to know which records have multiple attachments, and clicking on the paperclip icon only opens the first (and not all) of the attachments. Opening each record to determine if  there are multiple attachments is time-consuming. Perhaps too there could be an preferences option that would allow user to choose between opening first or all attachments in records.

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