Suppressing words from references

We have made a University version of the Harvard style.  For Parliamentary bills, we want the URL and date accessed to appear in the reference.  The problem we have is that if there is no URL or date accessed, in the reference the words “Available from” and “Accessed” still appear.

I would appreciate any advice on how to stop this.  I have experimented with the non-breaking space but it seems to make no difference.

Thank you!   We have EndNote X7.

Keith Nockels
University of Leicester Library - UK

Hello Keith, Please repsond back to the forum with a copy of your style for me to take a look at a combination of the force separator and link adjacent text symbols are needed to be added to make sure that Available from will only show when the URL field is filled in.

Hello Tony,

Thanks for that.  I have attached it.

Thanks for your help,


Author-Date (Harvard) University of Leicester.ens (70.1 KB)

Hello Keith, Please use the following steps to add the attached modified version of the style to your EndNote: Save the attachment from this post to your desktop Double-click on the downloaded file to open it in the EndNote software. Click the File menu in EndNote and select Save As. Click Save. Close the style window. You can now delete the file on the desktop the style has been added to EndNote. I would then try using this style.

Here is the attachment

You will need to ensure that link adjacent (from insert character) and forced separation (pipe) characters are associated text with fields.  details of this are spelled out in the documents downloaded from the link here - see pages 37 and 38 (of the windows version anyway):

Thanks, Tony, for that.  Apologies for a very slow reply!

We still get the problem with this modified style, I am afraid.   I am out of the office now till Wednesday, but would be interested in exploring this further. 

Thanks for your help,


Strange, I see no attachments to Tony’s replies?  

If you would attach the output style you have now, and the offending words, I can play with it for you?  But I am just another user… 

Okay,  I looked.  I don’t see any of the bibliography templates with words “Available from”  (I only see “Available at” in many of them). So I tried to insert the needed forced separation and link adjacent characters for those I could see. (and I don’t see an attached file to Tony’s message, so he may have removed it?)   If you told me exactly which ref type templates were misbehaving, that would help.   Try the attached and see if the problem is fixed?  (P.S.  I am another user and not Tech support for TR). 

Author-Date (Harvard) University of Leicester LMW.ens (66.2 KB)

Thanks, Leanne, for your help.  I think I must have meant “Available at” and not “Available from”! - apologies.

I’ll check with my colleague whose style it is and see if it works as needed.

Best wishes,