Sync PPC / installation problems

I’m trying to get EndNote set up on my Pocket PC after switching computers. I have EndNote X1 and a pocket PC running Windows Mobile 6. Previously, I had a laptop running XP SP3, and I managed to get EndNote set up to sync with it.  I’ve now switched to a new laptop running Vista (64 bit), and I’m using the same version of EndNote and the same Pocket PC. I cleared all previous sync relationships and programs from the pocket pc, and have set up a new sync relationship with my new laptop. I’ve installed EndNote x1 on the new laptop, and it works fine on the laptop itself, but no matter how often I try, I cannot get it to set up properly on the Pocket PC.

When I try to install the program on the pocket pc, everything installs except Microsoft .NET 2.0 CF. My pocket pc says that it has a newer version of NETCF already on the ppc, which would need to be uninstalled to install the one that comes with Endnote. I’ve no idea how to uninstall it, and I’m not sure why this problem is arising at all, since it did work on my last computer – perhaps Vista users or updated NETCF (whatever that is).

So, Endnote shows up on the pocket pc now, but I can’t set up any sync relationships: no libraries show up; when I click the shortcut for endnote ppc sync on my laptop nothing happens; and when I try to configure EndNote or repair the installation, I am still getting nowhere. 

Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Same problem here. I got Endnote set up properly on my WM6.1 device, except for the .net cf 2.0 installation, since I have the 3.5 version already running on it.

Endnote opens on this device, but no possibility to open a library.

Help here? 

Same Config and Version Numbers here -> Same Problem

Windows Vista Bus. (32) Windows Mobile 6.1 on Htc Touch Pro, Endnote X2, newest Update

I Could install everything (on device, not on card) exept “.net cf 2.0”, I did set my Library to synchronize in Endnote X2

But now I cannot set any settings in Windows Mobile Sync. nor open any Library on the smartphone.

Any Idea or help, did anyone write to support yet?

Sorry to bump an old thread. But has anyone solved the problem where EndNote Mobile won’t work with newer windows or windows mobile versions?

I found a way to install both CF3.5 and CF2.0 and use CF2.0 for EndNote only, but the sync doesn’t work at all. Windows Mobile Device Center always says that there are sync issues with endnote.