Sync resets PDF display

I’m curious as to whether anyone else has observed this problem. When I have EndNote (Mac X7.4 and earlier) set up with a PDF display (e.g., Bottom - Split), and am reading a document using the PDF viewer, then when a sync occurs (either automatic or manual), the PDF viewer resets (it flickers and then goes back to the top of the document). If I had a search string and was pursuing it through the document, the string stays in the input box, but the search is reset as if the string had just been typed in and before hitting Return.

It’s 100% replicable on my system.

UPDATE: another interesting part of this syndrome is the following: If you have the PDF file open elsewhere (e.g., Preview), and you edit the file in some way such as highlighting, normally in order to see the change in the EndNote PDF viewer, you need to move away from that reference to another reference with a PDF, then return to it. However, the reset that occurs from a sync also will reveal those changes (especially if they are on the first page of the PDF, because the PDF always returns to the first page as part of the reset).