synching libraries between web and computers


I’m having problems synching my new libraries between web and two computers with x7. At first the changed names of file attachments in computer libraries would not sync with web. I’ve tried to delete the files on web to start the synching from the beginning. But as a result all the entries in my computer libraries are beying deleted too, so there’s no way to strart a new synching.

Do you have some tipps as how to start synching the libraries propery. I’ve tried as last to copy my labrarie and rename it to begin a new synching, but there seems to be the old library name in the preferences and i can’t change it.
I would very appreciate your hints.



Call Tech support — they led me thru a complex set of steps to sync a new name/version of my library by purging any memory of a prior sync.  Did I write it down?  NO…