Syncing of Powerpoint files

Good afternoon,

I have been tyring to get to the bottom of a couple of questions concerning syncing libraries.

I note that x8 will allow attachment of powerpoint files to references.  If a user with x8 adds a powerpoint file to a reference and syncs the library, will the people uisng x7 receive the file and/or be able to open it?  I note that while x7 doesn’t officially support powerpoint files, you could paste a powerpoint directly into the reference, and could retrieve it by going inot the reference and cutting and pasting out.  I wonder if a synced library would share the files so that they could be accessed in some way.

Secondly, we are currently all running x7, but one of the users is not receiving the attachments to the synced library, but does receive the library itself.  Any thoughts on why this might be happening?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Linda_FMPE,

Any file attched to a reference in EndNote X8 should be able to be viewed if another user opens the library in X7. However, only PDF’s will open in EndNote’s PDF viewer, all other attachments (PPT, Word, etc) would open in their native application by double-clicking the icon in the reference.

For the user not seeing attachments, have they allow the sync to fuly complete?

I hope this is helpful.