Tab navigation in X6 for Mac

I just had to upgrade to X6 because I upgraded to Mountain Lion.

I’ve found when searching an external database for references, I can no longer navigate to the next ‘field’ choice, but instead am sent to the “?” button.

This is useless.  I despise navigating with the mouse, and ease of use is one reason I continue to use EN.

Don’t pull a Microsoft and continue to add ‘features’ yet take away truly useful tools.

Tab navigation on any version of OSX relies on your keyboard setting. Go to the Apple menu, System Preferences. Here, choose Keyboard. Here, go to “Keyboard Shortcuts.” and change the “full Keyboard access” setting from “All controls” back to “Text boxes and Lists only” (which is the default setting). This should allow you to tab between these fields.


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I didn’t change my keyboard functionality in my OSX–the only thing I changed was my version of EndNote.  Therefore, it’s an issue with EN and something IT changed, not the OS.  In my previous version, the tabbing was fine.  Now it makes no sense.  So the definition of a ‘control’ and a text box must have changed in EN.