Tab Pane - default view

How do I change the default view in the Tab Pane to open in the Preview tab?

One of my EN libraries opens in the Search tab in the Tab Pane.

I want the Tab Pane to open on the Preview tab, which it did earlier but somehow changed to open in another tab,

Another library opens in the Preview tab, which is what I want, so it seems the default view for the Tab Pane is linked to a particular file.

I’m using EN version X4.

In my experience the library opens to mode (or local library  mode if you closed it in search) and the tab it was in when you closed it? 

OK,. I see the solution. I have to close the library first and then exit the program in order for the default view setting to save. I was simply exiting the program without first closing the library. Many thanks for your comment.