temporary citation in endnote fields

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am trying to put a temporary citation in an endnote field and hope that it would resolve to an actual citation in the bibliography. From my output style, the formatted reference in the bibliography is:

Calvert, E. S. (1958a). Some Operational Aspects of the Use of Aircrew-interpreted Devices for Preventing Collision in the Air. Working Paper AIR C-WP/49, International Civil Aviation Organization. Reprinted as {Calvert, 1958 #3713@@author-year}.

Item #3713 is cited elsewhere in the document as well and the last bit with the temporary citation should resolve to “Reprinted as Calvert (1958b).”

It doesn’t happen however. Is there a way i can do such linking between references? The reason is, of course, that I might (and likely will) add a third Calvert, 1958 paper later, and i don’t want to hardcode 1958b in the endnote field as it might change to 1958c or anything else.

Is there a way to make this work, or another way in which i could link references like this?

Thank you very much!