Text Frame in Ooo Writer formats numbered style citation first


In an effort to purge MS Office…I have tried to make a Ooo Writer document using Endnote, and some in-text citations in Text Frame.

Unlike Word, I can’t do the “Text box ->Frame” conversion trick in Ooo Writer. Regardless of the location of the Text frame, Ooo Writer and EN CWYW plug-in format citations in the frame first. Of course, this is about numbered styles, like Vancouver.

I figured in Word’s Frame , the Endnote scans the temporary citations in { } in the order based on the location of the anchor point of the frame. If the anchor of the frame is on top of the paragraph #2, the citation in that frame is formatted after the paragraph #1. By displaying all the formatting characters, I was able to confirm the behavior. That was pretty cool.

So, I tried to change the type of the Ooo Writer’s Frame anchor in various ways , and moved the anchor point up and down between paragraphs, but it didn’t work. Regardless of the location of the anchor point, the citation in the first Frame gets number 1. It seems, the CWYW scans always text within the Text Frame. So, I gave up, but I am not sure that’s the way of Ooo Writer implementation itself or the behavior of the CWYW plug-in for Ooo Writer.

I am ready to post a question to OpenOffice.org forum (which also has a pretty good activity), but I decided to post this issue to Endnote forum first. I already sent this to Thomson Reuters tech support as well, if Tech support has an answer or not.

If anybody here reading this has some insights into it, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

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I just installed Firefox and Zotero in my courtesey machine (dedicated to test new or alternative sotware and hardware), to see if I can do the citation in the Text Frame better with Zotero.

As far as the Zotero’s versions 1.0.10 and 2.0b7.4, and OpenOffice plug-in are concerned, I couldn’t insert citations in the text in the Frame. So, this is something Endnote has compelling edges.