the error of url


As I cited a citation as “journal article” of APA5, I type “Available online:” in the “Page” form. I found its preview would be “Available online:”. The last number is not the origin one!! (n=1 → n=11)

Have anyone encountered the error before?

My endnote version is X2


The “Pages” box in the Edit Citations dialog is designed for formatting page numbers, not URLs.

If you open the APA5th style for editing, and go to the “Page Numbers” section, you will see that the setting is “Show the full range of pages.” So EndNote thinks that the last digit in the URL is the final page number, and it is trying to expand it to the full form, based on the previous number in the URL (i.e. 12).

You could probably solve this problem by putting the URL in the “Suffix” box in the Edit Citations dialog.