The same footnotes for the multiple DOCX.


I have DOCX file that is about 35 pages.

I have another one in 15 pages, 1000 words, and 500 words

They are the same topic.

The citations are the same.

Is it possible to copy footnotes and paste them?

I am copying and pasting the footnotes. It works, but I don’t know if I edit the citations in Endnote, it automatically updated to my DOCX files.

It would be arduous if I have to cite again from the beginning, even though I use endnote.


Are they “fields” (grey at least when you hover over them) or not – that will tell you.  Select a footnote style like Chicago-footnote, that includes a bibliography to see if that gets updated?  It is important that you copy/paste Not as plain text, but as source formated to maintain the fields.