"This file is already open for editing"

Using EndNote X1 on Windows 2000 or XP

According to the EndNote help, the way to share a file is to designate one person as the maintainer and then to use Windows file security to set the permissions to “Read Only” for the other people who need to  access the file.

So I think I’ve done that. I’ve configured the .enl file and the associated data folder to be writable by one person (me) and readable by the other members in my group.

However, when I have the .enl file open and others in my group try to open it, they still get the above error message (e.g., “This file is already open for editing”).

Is there something else that I could do to enable multiple internal users to access this library while the file is open?

Yes, if you have it open for write access, it won’t open for anyone else.  We solve this by having a read only version and the write version and our IT guys run a script everynight to copy the write version into the read-only version folder.  This works great.