Toggle Case tool in "edit citation" CWYW

It would be great if there were a Toggle Case tool in “edit citation”  in CWYW/Word. Word 2007 has this function in the “font” group on the main ribbon–you can just highlight text and choose the case you want.

I usually cite from sources that follow BOTH US (all major words capped) and European (ie initial capital only)  in the same paper. And they’re entered every which way in my library, so I have to hand-edite them all. A select case tool would be GREAT.


Are you saying that you think you need to cite them as initial caps if they come from a European source AND all capped if from some other source?  Endnote will automatically convert them all to one or other other (see Edit Output style, edit “yourstyle”, under Bibliography, ‘title capitalization’ settings).  I am not aware of any publishing guidelines that state you need to retain the exact form they were published as?