Tool for common reference sharing

I am involved in numerous (too many) projects in which I share references for papers and reports with large numbers of people across the globe. Usually we end up doing this with simple ascii text files and I end up with a file with sometimes 100 or more references that are eventually appended to papers and other documents. If I want to add these to my endnote database I currently have to do these one at a time which is quite a chore.  If I turn the file into a pdf, endnote will find one (apparently randomly to me) of the references and correctly parse it into the database. I would love a tool that would simply read the file and interpret each reference and add them to endnote maybe delineated by hard carriage returns or a space (two hard returns).  Another possibility is to add to the manual addition a tool where you paste a reference into a box where it would then attempt to parse it into endnote format. I can’t help but think that I am not the only person who gets stuck this way. I would certainly appreciate endnote adding this capacity.