translated/edited texts within a larger volume

I frequently work with classical texts, in Sanskrit and other languages, which are translated and published as appendices to other scholarly works.  For example, a book entitled “Materials…” by D. Ingalls begins with original material by that author, but also contains “Vyapti-pancaka” by Gangesa and “Rahasya” by Mathuranatha, both of these in Sanskrit and English.  Similar problems also arise for materials originally in Greek and Latin, in which case they are exacerbated by the presence of many different editions and translations of the same work.

How can I enter these latter two items (the Sanskrit texts and translations) in my EndNote X2 database in such a way that they are identifiable by their original authors, but so that it is also clear that they are part of the larger volume.

I would like to use such entries in order to find and compare different editions and translations of works by these classical authors.

I suspect that the “Ancient Text” reference type will be involved somehow, but I am unclear (a) exactly how to manipulate that reference type, and (b) how to make clear the link between the classical text and the larger contemporary publication.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!