Troubles when i add recourses to my library

Every time I try to add new items or sources to my library in EN, and Back to work on WORD, it never stop ‘thinking’ like something is happening or stuck. Restarting and wait couple of minutes to see the syncing is done.
Too much time for nothing.and it stop responding. I use Mac pro, and EN 20
How to deal with that please?


A variety of factors could be causing this. Firstly, ensure you’re running the most up-to-date versions of both EndNote and Microsoft Word. Updates can often address compatibility issues. Another potential conflict could arise if you have other citation management add-ins active within Word. If this is the case, it’s advisable to disable them to ensure seamless functionality with EndNote. It’s also worth checking your sync settings in EndNote to confirm the accuracy of your email address, password, and library path. A full sync reset in EndNote might be necessary if issues persist despite these adjustments.

Hope this helps,


If it is Word, running thru endnote citations to see if anything there needs updating, it maybe a corruption in the document. First make a copy of the document, then unformat the endnote citations (on the endnote tab in work, convert to unformatted citations, NOT plain text). Scan the document for any citations that haven’t been converted to curly brackets author, year #recnum and mark it with yellow or something. Save as to new name, then reformat them (update citations and bibliography). If there is a corruption or a cited item isn’t in your library, it should flag it. Replace it if that happens. look at the marked items and see if they are still there. delete them and replace them as well. See if your document is now more responsive.

The other thing is if you have downloaded a huge number of endnote styles. I only have about 20-30. If you downloaded the whole “library” of styles, it will degrade endnote performance.