Unable to add list Collaborators in XML file to PubMed

Dear all,

I’m not able to send a report to PubMed, as with the citation file validators looks like there’s an error with the list of Collaborators.

I need to write down

Esposito P, Battaglia Y and Local Coordinators

I’m attaching the .txt file, is there anyone here that can help me?

Best Regards

prova.txt (9.29 KB)

If you are submitting the XML file to Pubmed it seems odd to abbreviate the author’s first name as having the full name (and middle initial if available) would minimize confusing these authors from others who may share the last name and possibly first initial. Then it’s up to Pubmed to determine if it wishes to abbreviate the first name. Alternatively, you could try putting the abbreviated first name with the XML first name tag. “Non-people” such as organizations or groups can be tagged using a different XML tag.

You might refer to the Pubmed tagging instructions concerning author names which also includes examples or contact Pubmed.