Unable to delete / rename groups in Endnote web

I have synched several groups from Endnote Desktop to Endnote Web.

Two groups, both of which contain the percentage sign as part of the group name, I cannot delete or rename.

Any ideas how to delete these two groups?

John E

How are you deleting/renaming the groups? Are you using the procedures stated in the Endnote Web online Help documentation:





Deleting Groups


To delete a group:

1.Click the Organize tab which will display the Manage My Groups page.

2.Click the Delete button for the group you wish to delete.

3.Click OK in the confirmation dialog.

Note: When a personal group is deleted, its references are still available in the All My References list.



Renaming Groups


To rename a group:

1. Click the Organize tab which will display the Manage Groups page.
2. Click the Rename button for the group you wish to rename.
3. Enter a new name in the textbox provided.
4. Click the OK button.

Thank you for your reply.

I have done exactly as you have suggested.

Several other groups were deleted or re-named.

The two groups with the percentage sign, if I follow your advice, neither the delete or the rename button are operable. clicking on them does nothing. This behavior is different from all other times I have deleted or renamed groups.

I was planning to remove the percentage sign from the groups in desktop, but see my other post about problems syncing. I am unable to sync between desktop and web without losing all references from both. 1 month from thesis completion, I am not willing to risk that again!! so have disabled sync option.